Payers and employers often see corporate R&D as a mechanism for price increases and smart life cycle management. Pharmas just as often see payers and corporate health care buyers as obstacles for medical innovation. Three of the nation’s leading executives and medical innovators will engage in a no-holds-barred discussion on the role of innovation in medicine today — and, in particular, whether and how pharma and diagnostic companies can deliver what buyers really need. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the kinds of data payers prioritize when evaluating new therapies
  • Define "value" from the payer and biopharma perspectives
  • Identify strategies that allow biopharmas market access when data showing value is lacking

Ability Level: Intermediate

Session ID: 1882

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Speakers (3)

User Rena Conti Instructor of Health Economics and Policy University of Chicago
Alaa Hamed, Head of Genzyme Evidence & Value Development Alaa Hamed MD, MPH, MBA HEAD-Genzyme Evidence & Value Development Genzyme Corporation
contact_10035 Albert Thigpen Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Operations Catamaran

Moderators (1)

contact_9639 Roger Longman CEO Real Endpoints