Around the world, cash-strapped public and private payers are just saying "NO" to new products, line extensions and price increases. Even worse, the ability of biotech and pharmaceutical companies to influence prescribing decisions through physician relationships is shrinking. In this environment, a brand strategy that does not have economic and clinical value (ECV) evidence as its centerpiece is fatally flawed. Decision makers are insisting that drugs be linked to clear-cut clinical and/or cost benefits. So for investors, ensuring products they invest in have ECV is of greater interest than ever before. This session will describe how biotech companies can evaluate the ECV of their compounds and communicate that value to investors. The presenters will offer first-hand insights into what investors are thinking, what’s driving their decisions, and how biotech companies can prepare and respond.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the growing role of economic and clinical value in product development
  • List the kinds of data that biotech companies will need to secure investments
  • Identify steps biotech companies can take to build a value story for their products

Ability Level: All

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Speakers (3)

contact_8963 Alexander Natz Director General EUCOPE
contact_6419 Art Pappas Managing Partner Pappas Ventures
User Christopher Seaton Snr. VP Negotiations Bayer HealthCare

Moderators (1)

contact_9402 Michael Abrams Managing Partner Numerof & Associates, Inc.