An efficient and transparent regulatory system is increasingly important as companies look to launch new products in emerging markets. This panel will explore the regulatory process and system in Brazil, Mexico, China, Turkey, and Russia. Panelists will discuss best practices from select markets that can help shape policy changes in other markets and foster increased efficiency and transparency. This will increase access for patients and create a more competitive market for countries looking to attract Foreign Direct Investment and MNCs.


Confirmed Speakers:

Dirceu Barbano, ANVISA;
Mikel Arriola, COFEPRIS;
Eda Cindoglu, Director, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the regulatory systems for marketing authorizations in key emerging markets
  • Share best practices to increase efficiency and transparency
  • Discuss ways to increase access to new medicines for patients and improve competitiveness

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 1929

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Speakers (3)

contact_8372 Dirceu Bras Aparecido Barbano Director Chairman of ANVISA National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA
contact_7081 Mikel Arriola Peñalosa Federal Commisioner COFEPRIS
User Eda Cindoğlu Director Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health

Moderators (1)

contact_9889 Daniel M. Price Managing Director Rock Creek Global Advisors, LLC