In the last 20 years, Israel has become a model for high tech entrepreneurship. A country of 8 million people, Israel is home to a vibrant academic biomedical research sector, a global pharmaceutical company and several public biotech companies. Yet, the success of Israel's biotech sector pales in comparison to its high-tech industry. What can be learned from the Israeli Hi-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship model and how can it be applied to biotech? What can Israel learn from other success models in biotechnology such as Massachusetts or California? Which regional partnerships can best leverage Israel's potential? What is the optimal positioning for Israeli Biotech to encourage biopharma companies and investors to step up their involvement?

Learning Objectives:

  • Define key success factors for a country or a region to become a world competitor in biotechnology
  • Apply lessons from other industries to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in biotechnology
  • Explore how biotech start-ups can scale up into fully operational bio-pharmaceutical companies

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 1956

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Speakers (4)

contact_3918 Ora Dar Head of Life Sciences Office of the Chief Science Israeli Ministry of Economy
contact_10071 Nissim Darvish Senior Managing Director Orbimed Advisors LLC
NadavHeadshot-9.12 Nadav Kidron CEO Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Yaacov Michlin, Yissum CEO Yaacov Michlin CEO Yissum

Moderators (1)

logo Daniel Teper CEO IMMUNE Pharmaceuticals