Major agriculture companies are increasingly looking externally to strengthen their R&D pipelines and develop new products. Corporate venture units within these companies play a vital role in sourcing this innovation and assisting in the commercialization of new technologies. In turn, entrepreneurs are relying on corporate investors to fill in for traditional venture capital firms, which have historically underserved the AgTech space. This panel will explore the importance of corporate venture capital in fostering agtech entrepreneurship and bringing new agricultural technologies to market. 

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Session ID: 2010

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Speakers (4)

contact_9814 Pulakesh Mukherjee Principal BASF Venture Capital America Inc.
contact_9816 C. David Nicholson Global Head R&D Bayer CropScience AG
contact_9815 Derek Norman Investment Director Syngenta Ventures
contact_207 Anna Rath President and CEO NexSteppe

Moderators (1)

contact_4840 Joel Marcus Chief Executive Officer Alexandria Venture Investments