The America Invents Act (AIA) is fully enacted leaving the U.S. with two patent systems: old law (pre-March 16, 2013) and new law (March 16, 2013 and thereafter). The final version of the First Inventor to File (FITF) USPTO Rules has been implemented and the USPTO has done its first pass on examiner training on the new rules. This session discusses how best to proceed in the parallel “first-to-invent” and “first-inventor-to-file” patent systems of the U.S. from the perspectives of the USPTO and industry representatives. It will also give the European perspective on patenting from a Director at the European Patent Office (EPO), with an emphasis on similarities and differences between the European Patent Convention and the AIA, including the benefits of filings with both the USPTO and the EPO. Thus, this session will educate on what to do now in U.S. and European patent prosecution, from those on the forefront of biotech patenting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review AIA Implementation by USPTO
  • Analyze European developments
  • Provide updates on patenting strategies (U.S., EP, University, Big Pharma/Biotech)

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 1892

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Speakers (4)

User Sjoerd Hoekstra Director Biotechnology European Patent Office
DSC_5580 Ellen Law Licensing Manager,Strategic Alliances & Partnering Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
User Barbara Renda Assistant General Counsel Pfizer Inc.
contact_8203 Mary Till Legal Advisor United States Patent and Trademark Office

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contact_3453 Thomas Kowalski Shareholder Vedder Price