Over the past three decades, Mexico has quietly been building up its biotechnology industry and the accompanying infrastructure and regulatory framework. Early projects focused on developing hardier agricultural varieties have grown into a concerted effort by government and academia to promote research and development. The majority of resources currently dedicated to biotechnology research in Mexico are concentrated in the areas of pharmaceuticals, agriculture and energy applications. Mexico’s biotech market is expanding and diversifying in the areas of biotechnology research, commercialization and international business relations. A new national administration is committed to pursuing public policy actions that support the development of novel biotech applications in human and animal health care, agricultural modernization, environmental protection, and biofuels. This session will provide an update on all of these aspects, with a particular emphasis on opportunities for international collaborations.

Moderator: Fernando Quezada, Executive Director, Biotechnology Center of Excellence Corporation

Jorge López, Regional Director, PROMEXICO;
Antonio Silanes, CEO, Laboratorios Silanes;
Dr. Xavier Soberon, Director General, National Institute for Genomic Medicine

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the emerging R&D environment in Mexico
  • Explore collaborative opportunities
  • Share applicable experiences from other countries

Ability Level: All

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Speakers (3)

contact_9672 Jorge López Regional Director PROMEXICO
contact_9673 Antonio Silanes CEO Laboratorios Silanes
contact_8365 Xavier Soberon Director General National Institute for Genomic Medicine

Moderators (1)

contact_5699 Fernando Quezada Executive Director Biotechnology Center of Excellence Corporation

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