In Brazil, the government supports Productive Development Partnerships (PDPs) in biotechnology to stimulate the local production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. The Health Industrial Complex is responsible for PDPs and uses the government’s purchasing power to acquire products and strategic services produced domestically for the National Health System. This session will provide an overview of the biotechnology environment in Brazil and promote discussion with other countries, biotechnology companies and universities on the design of national legislation and regulations to support R&D. The exchange of experiences is intended to promote public-private partnerships and accelerate R&D in biopharmaceuticals.

Confirmed Speakers:

Carlos Gadelha, Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Support, Brazilian Ministry of Health;
Dirceu Barbano, Director-Chairman, ANVISA;
Jorge Bermudez, Vice-President of Production and Innovation, FIOCRUZ;
Kellen Rezende, General Coordinator for Chemical Basis and Biotechnology, Brazilian Ministry of Health;
Dr. Sarah Garner, Associate Director for R&D, NICE 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the transfer of technology in the partnerships between public and private entities
  • Compare the experiences and models of the other countries surrounding interaction between universities and business
  • Evaluate practical solutions to a legislation with treatment of productive development

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 1967

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Speakers (4)

contact_11303 Dirceu Barbano President ANVISA
bermudez Jorge Bermudez Vice-President of Production and Innovation FIOCRUZ - Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz
contact_8702 Carlos Gadelha Secretary of Science, Technology and Strat. Inputs Ministry of Health of Brazil

Moderators (1)

contact_9399 Kellen Rezende General Coordinator of Chemical and Biotech Basis Ministry of Health of Brazil