Manufacturers of biologics for rare diseases face unique commercialization challenges at odds with the model of low-cost, bulk product distribution. Information is key down the line: patients and advocates need guidance about the products’ therapeutic benefit and assistance programs; manufacturers need patient input for marketing and education campaigns; payers need notice about the products’ high cost and evidence supporting coverage, payment, and usage; physicians and staff need payment assurance from payers and knowledge of assistance programs so patients have product access. This panel will feature, biologic marketing and commercialization experts and a patient advocate sharing insights about navigating these challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore distribution, partnership and reimburement challenges facing manufacturers of orphan drugs
  • Identify best practices for commercializing orphan drugs gleaned from experienced executives
  • Develop strategies for partnering with both patients and their advocates

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 2006

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Speakers (3)

dina and george Dina Inverso, MBA Director, Reimbursement Strategies CSL Behring
contact_10133 Jane Thistlethwaite Director, Brand Strategy & Access, Rare Diseases Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
contact_10027 Fredrik Tolin, MD, MBA Vice President and Medical Officer Humana

Moderators (1)

contact_8434 Amy Grogg President Xcenda