The business climate for the biotechnology industry remains challenging. In today’s “new normal,” venture capitalists are more selective, IPOs more elusive and alliance partners more demanding. And even as biotech companies grapple with these challenges, health care systems are undergoing a fundamental shift toward outcomes and pay-for-performance. How is the industry dealing with the twin challenges of boosting operating efficiency and demonstrating economic value?

Are “HOLNets” gaining traction and making R&D more efficient? What are companies doing differently to collect data and demonstrate the economic value of their products?

Ernst & Young’s Super Session will feature insights on these questions from the report’s authors and a panel of industry leaders. As always, the authors will present data on key metrics measuring the industry’s performance — including financial results, venture capital, public markets, M&A, alliances and more. Join us for a fascinating discussion of how the industry performed this year — and the challenges companies will confront in the years ahead.

Session ID: 2038

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Speakers (4)

contact_5607 Brian Edelman Vice President, Corporate Finance and Investment B Eli Lilly and Company
contact_10022 Annalisa Jenkins, MBBS, MRCP Head, Global Development and Medical Merck Serono
contact_5101 Denise Pollard-Knight Managing Partner Phase4 Ventures Limited
contact_5610 Richard Pops Chairman & CEO Alkermes plc

Moderators (2)

Glen_MG_1308_GG Glen Giovannetti Global Life Sciences Sector Leader EY
contact_1117 Gautam Jaggi Global Life Sciences Lead Analyst, Editor, Beyond Borders and Progressions EY