Spotlight on the BRICs
India The 100 Billion Dollar Market for Biotechnology?

Biotechnology innovation is an engine of economic growth. Many countries have thus made the development of a biotechnology sector an economic priority and have allocated significant resources into its development. While the established markets remain a vital source of new discoveries and business opportunities, the emerging markets are becoming increasingly attractive as governments implement national strategies for biotechnology growth and development.

This program will highlight and explore the development strategies of the four BRIC nations. The panels in this program are designed to identify and discuss specific initiatives within each country that are driving the pace of biotechnology innovation. Each nation will have a dedicated half-day program.


Spotlight on India: Can India be a Leader in Biotechnology Innovation?
India’s growth and innovation in information technology is legion.  Can the country replicate this success in the biotechnology space?  The government of India thinks so.  Over the past several years, it has invested several billion dollars and significant resources to develop its innovative capacity in biotechnology.  But it has been seven years since India began implementing its National Biotechnology Development Strategy and now, the Indian government is considering moving towards the second phase of its Strategy.  Where is India in its efforts?  This forum will explore India’s vision for biotechnology innovation and examine the progress so far.  The forum will also explore lessons learned from other sectors, current efforts in the biotech sector, existing policies that impact the future success of India’s efforts and ways forward.

1:30-1:45p.m. - Welcome and Introduction

Speaker: Dr. Swapan Battacharya, Member, CII National Committee on Biotechnology and CEO and MD, TCG Life Sciences 

Special Addresses:

1:45-2:05p.m. - "Indian Vision Towards Biotech Innovation and Realizing India's Market Potential"
by Dr. Reny Swarup, Adviser, Department of Biotechnology and Managing Director, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)

2:05-2:25p.m. - "India's Innovative Potential: Development of Novel Biopharma Oncology Therapies and Cures"
by Prof. Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty, Distinguished University Professor, UIC College of Medicine and Senior Science Advisor, Amrita Therapeutics

2:25-3:30p.m. - India's Progress Towards Its Vision for Biotechnology

A panel of experts will review progress made in the implementation of India’s National Biotechnology Strategy and assess its impact on fostering an innovative sector in India.  The panel will feature perspectives from the academic and business communities.  Panelists will touch on existing and pending Indian government initiatives in the National Strategy and lessons learned thus far. Panelists will also discuss how the Strategy addresses or does not address the elements needed to foster an innovative biotechnology sector including initiatives that address access to capital, infrastructure, R&D, academic institutions and partnerships, IP and regulatory frameworks.  The panelists will then discuss ways forward to ensuring India’s place as a leader in innovation.

Chair: Dr. Falguni Sen, Professor and Director, Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center, Fordham University School of Business


Dr. Esmail Samiwala, Sr. VP, Biologics, USV Ltd

Dr. Prabhuda Kundu, Executive Director, Premas Biotech

Mr. D. A. Prasanna, Chairman, Ecron Acunova

Mr. Sivaram Venkat, AVP (Business Development) Syngene International

Mr. Subramani 'Subbu' Ramachandrappa, Founder and CMD, Richcore Ltd

Mr. B. N. Manohar, MD and CEO, Stempeutics


3:30-3:40 - Break


Keynote Addresses:

3:40-4:00p.m. - "Indian Vision Toward Biotech Innovation"
by Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Primer Minister on Public INformation Infrastructure and Innovations, and Chairman, National Innovation Council Government of India

4:00-4:30p.m.- "Global Biotechnology - An Update: What Does It Mean For India?"
by G. Steven Burrill, Chief Executive Officer, Burrill and Company

4:20-5:30 p.m. - Biotechnology in India's States

How are Indian States doing to help make India a leader in biotechnology innovation? What are some of the challenges and opportunities that these States are experiencing in attracting biotech R&D? 


Holly Vineyard, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa, The ME and South Asia, U.S. Department of Commerce

Ms Anuradha Mitra, Joint Secretary and Financial Adviser, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India


Mr. Shanmugasundaram, MD, Ticel BioPark Ltd, Government of Tamil Nadu

Dr. P. K. Seth, CEO, Lucknow Biotech Park, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Mittur N. Jagadish, Head, Biotech Facilitation Cell, KBITS, Government of Karnataka

Mr. Rajat Kumar, Commissioner of Industries, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Mr. S. Ramnath, MD, KINFRA, Government of Kerala

Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, Managing Director and CEO of IKP Knowledger Park

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Speakers (16)

User Swapan Bhattacharya Member/CEO and MD CII National Committee on Biotech/TCG Life Science
contact_2784 Ananda Chakrabarty Distinguished University Professor Illinois Online Network
contact_6713 Deepanwita Chattopadhyay CEO/MD ICICI Knowledge Park (IKP)
Jag_Photo Mittur Jagadish Head Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology
User Rajat Kumar Commissioner, Indsutries Government of Andhra Pradesh
P K Kundu Prabuddha Kundu Executive Director/Chief Executive Premas Biotech Pvt Ltd
contact_10182 Sam Pitroda Chairman, National Innovation Council Government of India
contact_10217 D.A. Prasanna Chairman Ecron Acunova CRO & ACRO India
User Subramani (Subbu) Ramachandrappa Founder and CMD Richcore Lifesciences
mds photo_new S. Ramnath Managing Director Government of Kerala
Esmail_Samiwala_small[1] Esmail Samiwala Sr. VP, Biologics USV Ltd
User Prof. Falguni Sen Director, Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center (GHIM) Fordham University
User P K Seth CEO Lucknow Biotech Park Government of Uttar Pradesh
User Renu Swarup Advisor Department of Biotechnology
User Sivaram Venkat Head- Business Development Syngene International

Moderators (3)

contact_4794 G. Steven Burrill Chief Executive Officer Burrill Media
User Anuradha Mitra Joint Secretary and FDA, DBT Ministry of Science and Technology
contact_10006 Holly Vineyard Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia U.S. Department of Commerce