Necessity has spawned innovation in drug development for rare diseases. Thanks to a shift from a product-focused approach to a patient-centered, outcomes-based approach, we are in a critical time of change. Innovative business models must rapidly meet the needs of our new market: the individual patient. This will require more efficient use of resources, transparency across the development and commercial continuum, better and faster access to data, and personalization of the customer experience. 

Learning Objectives:

  • List lessons learned from orphan drugs development that can be applied to biotech and pharmaceuticals
  • Present partnering strategies that help maintain investors’ interest in a tough environment
  • Identify steps for developing patient advocacy partnerships that result in faster clinical trial recruitment and drug approval

Ability Level: Advanced

Session ID: 2005

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Speakers (4)

contact_10193 Dan Lawton Group President Dohmen Company
contact_8910 John F. McDonald Vice President Co-Head BD/M&A Biogen Idec, Inc
User John Walsh President/CEO Alpha-1 Foundation
User Eugene Williams Chairman & CEO DART Therpeutics, Inc.

Moderators (1)

Sohn board photo Catherine Sohn President Sohn Health Strategies