Since 2007 we have seen a decline in the pipeline deals across biotech. It used to be common to read about the next billion dollar biobuck deal that your neighborhood small biotech struck with pharma. But how often do we read those headlines these days? Post megamerger, post-patent cliff, and post-financial crises, the reality is that large pharma and big biotech have been much harder to entice for small start-ups. So what type of deal has risen to the top of BD strategy and why? Are small biotechs at the end of the queue, behind University partnerships, new VC endeavors, emerging market access and commercial (and de-risked) alliances? Will we see a pick-up in platform and multi indication deals? Is deal structure the hang-up, or has the BD model changed? What does this mean for VC or financing of early stage companies? Come hear the industry leaders behind next big deals discuss the future of deal-making.

In advance of this interactive panel discussion, Campbell Alliance and BIO will present updated findings from two unique forward-looking measures of deal-making in the industry – the Campbell Alliance Dealmakers’ Intentions Survey and the BIO One-on-One Partnering Forecast.


Jeff Stewart, Director, Campbell Alliance
David Thomas, Director, Industry Research & Analysis, Biotechnology Industry Organization


John Leonard, MD, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, AbbVie 
Roger Pomerantz, Worldwide Head of Licensing & Acquisitions, SVP, Merck Research Laboratories  Chihiro Yokota, Vice President, Licensing & Alliances, Astellas
Bahija Jallal, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, R&D,  MedImmune
William Hait, MD, PhD, Global Head, Janssen Research & Development LLC  Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson 


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Speakers (5)

contact_10023 William Hait, MD, PhD Global Head, Janssen Research & Development LLC Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & John
contact_8974 Bahija Jallal, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca Head, MedImmune
contact_10061 John Leonard, MD Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer AbbVie
contact_9797 Roger Pomerantz Worldwide Head of Licensing & Acquisitions, SVP Merck Research Laboratories
contact_10138 Chihiro Yokota Vice President, Licensing & Alliances Astellas

Moderators (2)

contact_9819 Jeff Stewart Director Campbell Alliance
contact_7890 David Thomas Director, Industry Research & Analysis Biotechnology Industry Organization