Organizers will host a two-part symposium at BIO 2013 focused on public-private partnerships (PPPs). The first segment will explore three PPP case studies to demonstrate the challenges of scaling up a partnership and the success they can have on the ground. This will set up the second segment to discuss the mechanisms and infrastructure policymakers and international organizations need to put in place in order to facilitate the development of PPPs.

Moderator for Full Symposium

Julie Borlaug, Assistant Director of Partnerships for the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, Accepted

Segment #1


Public-private partnerships are an essential source of new agricultural innovations – bringing together the best available experience, knowledge, investment and technology to address challenges faced by farmers, consumers and the environment. This session will focus on unique partnerships from developing regions of Asia and Africa that are helping create scalable solutions to address food security and sustainable agricultural practices. The panel will offer an inside perspective on lessons learned, successes achieved, and how similar projects can be created in other areas.

Speakers & Partnerships

Vijayaraghavan Kannan (Vijay), South Asia coordinator, ABSPII;  Chair and CEO, Sathguru Management Consultants;  South Asia Representative , CALS (Cornell University Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II), Accepted
Professor Adams, University of Michigan

Segment #2


Creating a successful public-private partnership is an extremely difficult task. It requires time and the movement of resources and technology between governments, the private sector and NGOs, as well as the appropriate policy, regulatory, and market access infrastructure to enable the PPP outcomes to impact farmers.  To help make this possible certain mechanisms and systems, such as intellectual property protection, technology transfer vehicles, and biosafety systems, must be facilitated to be successful. This panel will discuss the challenges in getting these mechanisms in place and how organizations are working with regulators, policymakers and IGOs to facilitate PPPs in areas of need.


Natalie diNicola, Director Global Partnership Development, Sustainability and Public Policy, Monsanto, Accepted
Richard Leach, President and CEO World Food Program USA, Accepted

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Speakers (4)

contact_10100 Julian Adams Professor University of Michigan
contact_9869 Natalie DiNicola Vice President, Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships Monsanto
contact_9865 Vijayaraghavan Kannan South Asia Coordinator Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II
contact_9870 Richard Leach President and CEO World Food Program USA

Moderators (1)

contact_9864 Julie Borlaug Associate Director for External Relations Borlaug Institute for Intl Agriculture - Texas A&M