The EU Council decision to establish a unitary patent system for 25 countries paves the way for a Pan-European patent system – something that has been eagerly awaited by industry. Unitary patents will be valid across the participating countries and patent litigations will be handled by a centralized patent court system located in Paris with branches in London and Munich. These new developments will dramatically reshape the business landscape within Europe and have a tremendous impact on patent strategies of applicants, especially in the biotech sector. What changes are ahead and what are the expected benefits? Come and find out.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the political background and compare current and future patent systems in Europe
  • Gain insight into the changes and analyze the expected benefits for the applicants
  • Devise new strategies to make your business optimally benefit from the new legal framework

Ability Level: Intermediate

Session ID: 1895

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Speakers (3)

Photo_Victor Victor Kaas Director of Biotechnology European Patent Office
nargolwalla_cyra-vignette Cyra Nargolwalla Partner / European Patent Attorney Cabinet Plasseraud
contact_8963 Alexander Natz Director General EUCOPE

Moderators (1)

Donald_Zuhn Donald Zuhn Partner McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP