The search for a viable treatment for Alzheimer’s has been slow. Yet, more and more Americans are burdened by this memory-robbing disease that causes plaques and tangles to form in the brain. Experts say the best path forward is to adopt new models that focus on early detection and prevention  to intervene before brain damage starts. But what do we do before creative models are in place to speed the development of new therapies? This session will feature several forward-thinking experts who will explore where we might go from here to tackle Alzheimer’s and solicit ideas from attendees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify new directions for biomedical and translational research to treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease
  • Present model programs for treatment teams/care coordination and training of caregivers
  • Discuss screenings/protocols for treatments and downstream consequences of developing diagnostics for Alzheimer’s disease

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 2109

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Speakers (3)

contact_9994 Richard C. Mohs, PhD Distinguished Research Fellow, Neuroscience and Medical Research Eli Lilly and Company
contact_9988 George Vradenburg Chairman and Co-Founder USAgainst Alzheimer's
contact_10213 Sandra Weintraub, PhD Professor Northwestern University

Moderators (1)

contact_10014 Diane Stephenson Exec. Director, Coalition Against Major Diseases Critical Path Institute